“I love P.C.! I always like to visit everyone! And while I went there I had so much fun! When I grow up and become a mommy, I am going to send my kids to Purple Circle.”

ZOE FROST, Former Purple Circle Student
“Purple Circle is exactly the type of program we wanted for our son. He’s in his 3rd year there and we truly couldn’t be happier. The teachers and administrative staff know him well and use their knowledge to support the growth of my child. He is incredibly empathetic and socially aware and I owe that to all of his teachers. We considered leaving the city with the pandemic, but Purple Circle was a big part of why we decided to stay a little longer. I know my son is safe, happy and excited to be there!”   


“I couldn’t give enough praises for Purple Circle and the nurturing and enriching environment it’s provided my child for nearly three years. Purple Circle is truly a hidden gem. Their commitment to each child and building upon children’s learning through play is wonderful to witness and to learn from as a parent. The Purple Circle community–its staff, teachers and other parents–is one that I feel lucky and grateful to be a part of. As a co-chairperson of the board over the past year, I have had a chance to see how deep the care and concern of each child’s well-being runs. Simply put, Purple Circle is family and a second home.”


“Our time at Purple Circle was a gift. My daughter, now 5, navigates conflict and difficult feelings better than I do. She’s a happy, capable child who is truly at ease in her own skin, and I credit her time at Purple Circle for that. The teachers are simply extraordinary people–nurturing, patient, and wise. I feel so lucky that the hours my daughter spent away from me were spent in their expert care.”


Purple Circle is currently accepting toddler applications for September 2023