From our Children:

“How was Big Kids today?” – Amelia
“Mom, it’s perfect there.” – Margot
– Margot Geiger and Amelia White

One night, while eating dinner, my daughter started talking about “love.” When I asked her what love means to her, she replied, “Purple Circle.” — Sienna Romero (Big Kids) and Laurie Kalinowski

When speaking to my daughter (Purple Circle Big Kids alum) about her new kindergarten teacher, I told her that her teacher called her kind, warm and bubbly. She quickly responded, “…and she is the 4th best teacher in the world. After (BK teachers) Doug, Jasmine and Iris.”

“I love P.C.! I always like to visit everyone! And while I went there I had so much fun! When I grow up and become a mommy, I am going to send my kids to Purple Circle.”— Zoe Frost

Bye Mommy! – Rhett
Bye honey, where are you going? – Shelley
Purple Cur-tle. – Rhett
Oh, am I coming with you? – Shelley
No, all by myself. Love you! – Rhett
Mommy, I love Purple Cur-tle. – Rhett
— Rhett McNamara and Shelley Benvenuti

“When I leave Purple Circle and go to my new school, I am going to sneak out, jump in a cab and go right back to Purple Circle.” — Sophie Van Deventer

From our Families:

“Purple Circle is exactly the type of program we wanted for our son. He’s in his 3rd year there and we truly couldn’t be happier. The teachers and administrative staff know him well and use their knowledge to support the growth of my child. He is incredibly empathetic and socially aware and I owe that to all of his teachers. We considered leaving the city with the pandemic, but Purple Circle was a big part of why we decided to stay a little longer. I know my son is safe, happy and excited to be there!”       — Erin Fink

“Purple Circle is like a second home to my kids, my son attended from 2 1/2- 5 and even now (he’s 11) he says he wishes PC had a middle school. My daughter currently attends (she’s 3) and she loves it so much she wishes they were open on the weekend. They staff are the best and most understanding, I find that I have learned and grown so much as a parent and a teacher from having the Purple Circle experience. I am so grateful and blessed to have found this gem right in my neighborhood and that both of my kids have had the most extraordinary experiences there. Send your children, you won’t regret it!!” — Cathy Novembre

“I couldn’t give enough praises for Purple Circle and the nurturing and enriching environment it’s provided my child for nearly three years. Purple Circle is truly a hidden gem. Their commitment to each child and building upon children’s learning through play is wonderful to witness and to learn from as a parent. The Purple Circle community–its staff, teachers and other parents–is one that I feel lucky and grateful to be a part of. As a co-chairperson of the board over the past year, I have had a chance to see how deep the care and concern of each child’s well-being runs. Simply put, Purple Circle is family and a second home.”                    — Gowri Krishna

“I cannot say enough wonderful things about my daughter’s first year at Purple Circle. She has grown in so many ways in thanks to her teachers, the director, Elaine, and other members of the Purple Circle community. Every staff member has gotten to know my daughter. They encourage her inquisitive nature, provide her with the materials she needs to engage her curiosity and love her unconditionally. My daughter is eager to wake up each morning for school and greets her teachers like an extension of family. My daughter has learned so much about her world in just one year of school, and this foundation for learning is a debt we can never repay. We cannot wait for the rest of her years at Purple Circle! Thank You, Thank You.”             — Junior Romero

“Our time at Purple Circle was a gift. My daughter, now 5, navigates conflict and difficult feelings better than I do. She’s a happy, capable child who is truly at ease in her own skin, and I credit her time at Purple Circle for that. The teachers are simply extraordinary people–nurturing, patient, and wise. I feel so lucky that the hours my daughter spent away from me were spent in their expert care.” — Gina Gionfriddo

“Our daughter has grown and matured at Purple Circle over the past 2 and a half years. She has made friends, and learned the give and take of how to live in community. She has learned to trust others and to assert herself. She has transformed from observer to leader, from cautious to exuberant, from self-involved to empathetic. Every day we are thankful that we can send our daughter to a warm, safe home-away-from-home, and gives us the peace of mind we need to focus on our own daily responsibilities. ” — Yael Hammerman

“There are not enough superlatives for Purple Circle. My family first looked into Purple Circle based on the flexible hours, the 12 month schedule and the convenient location. Once taking the tour and sitting in for a few information sessions, we decided to send our 3 year old daughter due to the clear love the teachers have for the students, the child-focused curriculum and the sense of community. After year one, my younger daughter joined her sister. Since then, both children spent three incredible years moving up through the classrooms and have grown into compassionate, intelligent and confident kids – due in no small part to the nurturing and child-first environment Purple Circle maintains. Both of my children are moving on to a great public school thanks to Purple Circle’s transition services. The school is incredibly flexible, always picks up the phone and is priced competitively (especially considering the number of hours and full year calendar). I never thought the decision my family made 4 years ago would pay off as much as it has.” — Scott Grossman

“I have nothing but heartfelt praise and appreciation for Purple Circle. My child attended preschool there in 2017 and was embraced by a nourishing, relaxed, caring environment of staff, teachers, and fellow young explorers.
Purple Circle understands that young children gain invaluable life skills through play and gentle encouragement to further their natural curiosities. They do a great job of setting up really cool learning, play, creative and problem solving environments and letting the kids naturally pursue their interests. Teamwork as well as independent and confident investigation followed.
I will never forget the sight of my child working alongside another, deconstructing an old radio and investigating its parts.
The staff, from the director level to the supporting office managers to the teachers, assistants, musicians, and on, are all deeply committed and caring people. I’m so glad we found them.
In my child’s new school today, after the first week, teachers remarked about my child’s maturity level. I attribute this in part to the freedom afforded to explore as a 4 year old at Purple Circle, as opposed to being pressured into rote memorization of certain things.
I would also like to say that the fellow parents and the cooperative spirit foster a sense of community. We have made friends at both the kid and adult level that I know will endure.
In a changing neighborhood with fly-by-night, flashy preschools popping up and then dissolving, Purple Circle has held its own over 45 years as an Upper West Side community gem.
Purple Circle felt like an extension of home for us and I fully recommend it.” — R.S.

“PC provides the kind of safe, loving and creative environment that we all hope for when we think about what’s best for our children. Everyone at PC creates it anew every day. It’s amazing to be a part of it all. Our child is flourishing.” — Norman Cowie & Cara Mertes

“We love how kind the children are with one another.”— Anemona Hartocollis and Josh Barbanal

“Would you mind adding a K-12 program so our daughter will never have to leave Purple Circle?” — Tiffany Goldberg

“We love being part of the Purple Circle Community. The teachers are really loving and creative and the staff are warm, friendly and super-efficient. It’s always a pleasant experience to step through the door, and the desire to linger and be part of the fun is welcomed by the teachers. It truly feels like a community and a safe and special place. The fact that it’s a parent cooperative adds a lot to the experience, and the emphasis on play is really important to us. We couldn’t think of a nicer and more nurturing place for our kid to spend so much of their day.” — Jo Harvey

“Purple Circle respects my child and supports every facet of his development. I couldn’t ask for more from a preschool.” — Big Kids Parent

“My second grader, a graduate of Purple Circle, had to write down in class a list of places he loves the most on the Upper West Side. He wrote: Central Park, the soccer field and Purple Circle. **Purple Circle – a magical place that is never forgotten…both by kids and parents.** — Gali Kidron

“Having our son in Purple Circle was a dream come true. All the staff is genuinely invested in the children’s education and in the school philosophy, and there is a great happy energy in this place. Our son has thrived socially, intellectually and emotionally. Even though the school emphasis is on play, our son is now interested in writing and reading, and adding up numbers, He will be absolutely ready for kindergarten at age 5. This is a school where your child’s intrinsic motivations and inclinations will be fostered and supported, and where a true love for learning can blossom. I could not recommend this pre-school more highly!” — Nuno Sousa

“The teachers at Purple Circle really understand and love my son. They embrace his quirks and needs, and he has grown so much there as a result.” — Big Kids Parent

“We sent a baby to Purple Circle and got back a speaking, caring, happy toddler. Our Adam has grown beautifully thanks to the enriching, warm and caring environment he’s been part of in the last year.” — Eyal and Amit Nevo, Little Kids Parents

“At Purple Circle, we found more than just a pre-school. We found a community that shares our respect for a child’s joy, freedom, individuality and creativity. The rooms are filled with life and laughter.” — Kim & Leo Kittay, Little Kids and Big Kids Parents