The Annual Spring Celebration and Auction is Purple Circle’s most important yearly fundraiser. All families are asked to donate one or more items. Below, Purple Circle families will find everything they need to prepare for and solicit a donation, including a donation solicitation letter, donation FAQ document and a downloadable and online donation form.

Follow the steps below and help support Purple Circle in this important fundraising effort. Thanks!

1. Read the Auction FAQ document located here.
2. Utilize the donation solicitation letter when approaching businesses about securing a donation.

  • Two versions of the letter are available. Please use the version located here if the letter will be sent electronically, the version located here if the letter will be printed and delivered in person or mailed.

3. Once you’ve decided what you/the business you’ve approached will donate, fill in a donation form. You may choose to fill in paper form, which is available for download here, or simply submit the online donation form, located here.

Questions? Contact Desiree at